About us

We are the manufacturers of cookies and caramel filled wafers. We are based in south of Poland and founded by a couple Anna and Boleslaw Urbanscy – experienced sweets masters. For the last 25 years, company was developed from a small “garage” company to a modern factory which was built in 2004 and is located in Sucha Beskidzka. In year 2005 ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP were implemented.
 Our factory is located in the town historically associated with the production of wafers. Here, in early 20th century in a restaurant near the train station, the parents of world famous film director Billy Wilder began production of caramel wafers –called “pischinger”.
 We started in 1988 with the production of homemade croissants, wedding and celebration cakes, sponge cakes,   and other confectionery products. Through the years company has developed  new lines of activity.
 Our products e.g. wafers called “pischinger” and homemade cookies are based on traditional recipes applied to a modern production technology. For our sweet creations we use natural ingredients, purchased from selected and proven suppliers, who respect our policy of making natural products with a traditional taste and excellent quality.
 The main aim of the company is to satisfy our customers. To meet their high demands we excel in our care of the flavour of our products, which we achieve by using highest quality raw materials.


    • tel. +48 33 874 41 42
    • email. biuro@urbanscy.pl